MONTE ROBLE Jamón Ibérico Cebo 30 months

MONTE ROBLE Jamón Ibérico Cebo 30 months


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Only ham with the appropriate quality is selected for curing.

Hand-crafted frames give the ham the traditional "V" cut shape. The salting time varies depending on the weight in order to obtain a product which is slightly salty or sweet.

Once the ham has settled in the post-salting drying places with controlled humidity and temperature levels, the drying and maturing processes are carried out in our natural drying places at the foothills of the Jerez de los Caballeros mountain chain, with rigorously controlled ventilation and temperature levels. Then, for up to a minimum of 20 months, the ham is aged in cellars, completing the development process until it reaches the aroma and texture which are characteristic of our ham.


(1) Knife set + Ham Plate

(2) Sliced and packed in Vacuum bags (At least 2 working days preparation for delivery)

(3) On-Site 2 Hours Slicer for Event