Champagne Reserve Brut N.V., Mont Hauban

Champagne Reserve Brut N.V., Mont Hauban

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The history of Champagne Monthauban

Cooperation, unity, solidarity, all these words describe the commitment of everyone to unite and protect themselves against the merchant at the beginning of the twentieth century in Champagne. It was in 1947 that several families of authentic farmers from two neighboring villages decided to join forces to form the Monthelon-Morangis Cooperative. The first stone is then laid rue de Montauban in Monthelon. Located in the heart of Champagne, on Coteaux Sud d'Epernay, the Cooperative remains to this day independent. It is in a family atmosphere and proud of their terroir, that our winemakers share their passion and their know-how to develop wines of the Champagne Mont-Hauban brand. Today, these values ​​still animate all our members, fortifying these relationships and securing the durability of each one.

Alcohol: -% vol
Smooth freshness and finesse, fruitiness and plumpness, touch of dry-like freshness and peppery notes. A well balanced, medium-bodied and savoury champagne. Nicely compliment many kind of savoury dish,  cold cuts, fish in sauce, creamy cheese. 
Region: Champagne
Serving temperature: 6°C
Serving suggestion:
Pork, Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Shellfish, Mild and soft cheese
Closure: Cork