Jean Jean Olive Farm


Oliveraie Jeanjean, Moulin des Costières




In the South of France, near the city of Nimes, the olive farm Jeanjean is a father and son family history since 1994.

The farm has 10000 olive trees, 7 varieties of olives grown in respect of the environment, using organic farming.

All olives are pressed in the mill which helps to obtain great qualities olive oils. The master miller, Fabien, extracts generous flavors from the fruits harvested, to make the green gold that will sublimate your table.

For the love of taste, he constantly develops new recipes tapenades that he cooks on-site kitchen, inventing the most daring culinary marriages.


Dear Passionate, we wish you a good tasting ...

Our field is organic farming, it means that no chemical is in contact with our olive trees on all our plots and we attach great importance to this quality charter towards the consumer and ourselves. 
It is a French quality label which certifies that our olive oil is composed of at least 95% of ingredients from the organic production method, implementing agronomic and farming practices respectful of the natural balances, the environment.
AOP  Protected designation of origin of Nîmes is a reference for our customers which is linked to the Gardois territory.
This European regulation should guarantee the reputation of regional products,
AOP Olive Oil from Nîmes is born from the rigor of the work of men. It is the result of an uncompromising selection of varieties, the guarantee of an irreproachable traceability and a control require during its elaboration. 
We have on the field a PDO Nîmes quality of our own.

The Picholine is part of 345 olive varieties listed in the global catalog. It is the most widespread variety in France and Gard. The Olive de Nîmes , an exceptional olive of mouth: of an intense green color its pulp is juicy, abundant and has a very attractive crunch on the palate. Fabien harvests them by hand in September and only by hand to preserve the quality and completeness of the fruit. Organic PDO olive oil is a green fruity characterized by aromas of artichokes, plums and pineapple that reveals a slight bitterness and a fiery tip that gives it a freshness and aromatic intensity. 
"The Gard, Militant of Taste" aims to enhance Gard gastronomic heritage by facilitating the recognition and promotion of products of excellence.

The objective is to maintain and develop a local economy favoring local short circuits with the guarantee of local products of optimal quality in respect of the environment.
Farmers must produce products under quality label and traditional gardoise and 
meet rigorous specifications to guarantee the quality of the Gard regional products 
You must also obtain a medal at the annual "Le Gard, Militant of Taste" competitions.
The Olive Oil of France indicates that our olive oils are composed of 100% French olives crushed in our mill.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil means that our fruity olives have an acidity rate of less than 0.8% (that is, our olives are crushed within 24 hours for a very fresh fruit) and that there is a total absence of defect.
Cold extracted  : if the olive oil is extracted via a centrifugation or percolation system at a temperature not exceeding 27 °.