Savigny-Les-Beaune 2012, Cornu-Camus

Savigny-Les-Beaune 2012, Cornu-Camus

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The wine is nicely fragrant. It is smooth and fruity in the mouth with cherries and red berry fruits. A well balanced and very satisfying Côte de Beaune style Pinot Noir. Aromas of pome fruit on alcohol, fine humus traces, light spiciness, refined well-characterised aftertaste.

Savigny Les Beaune Domaine Cornu Camus is a fine, elegant Burgundy from a small producer in the hills just above the Burgundy capital of Beaune. Raspberry fruit aromas, silky smooth in the mouth with good fruit, mineral and a hint of spice.

Located between the hills of Corton and Beaune, the vineyards of Savigny Les Beaune open up like a map unfolding. The hills of the Côte de Beaune recede a little on either side of the little river Rhoin. These vineyards are of ancient lineage. For much of their history, they belonged to the domaine of the Dukes of Bourgogne, to neighbouring religious houses, or to the Knights of Malta. An imposing 14th century castle testifies to the appellation’s aristocratic qualifications. The AOC status dates from 1937.

Alcohol: 12.5% Vol.
Allergen: Sulfites
Pinot Noir
Region: Bourgogne
Serving temperature: -°C
Serving suggestion: Grilled chicken
Closure: Cork